Experts in critical communication network and Artificial Intelligence for Smart Cities.

Providing networking solutions for large transportation networks

Secure, reliable networks using SDWAN technology.

Introducing Bittium Tough Mobile 2

Ultra secure, containerised mobile phones built to protect from an increasingly open world.


Seolane provides breakthrough solutions adapted to the transportation and security demanding sectors.

Critical Communications Systems

Delivering a complete range of integrated solutions, Seolane's experts provide the best responses to current needs of public transport authorities and operators.

Ultra Secure Mobile Devices

Bittium sets new standard for ultra secure mobile communications with multilayered security integrated in hardware and software. From the Tough Mobile 2 to MDM suite, Seolane provide complete end-to-end mobile security.

Artificial Intelligence that works

Seolane is a key player in delivering AI solutions working in complex environment like Smart Cities, Transport and Security. Seolane'AI is aimed at improving quality of life and organisations efficiencies in fast changing environments

Wireless Threat Detection

Detect any Wireless Cyber Threat with Seolane and Berkeley Varitronics solutions : wether it comes from LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth or any other radio frequencies. Seolane protects your assets by detecting, locating, tracking and many other features to discover.

Edge Computing

Whenever data must be processed at the edge of your network, Seolane provided Edge Computing for demanding applications like data acquisition and processing, including remote or embeded Artificial Intelligence.

Airborne Anti Drone Solution

Seolane has developped the first airborne anti drone solution, installed on different drones, the payload is able to address any drone in its environment.


Seolane design and integrate solutions tailored for customer's specific needs. Thanks to its versatile products the company provides appropriate products and services in a professional and efficient manner.


Our awesome clients we've had the pleasure to work with!