Rapidly deployable 4G LTE base station including a virtual machine server that together provide high-speed voice, video and data communications and many other services

VoyagerCell Duo from KLAS™ is a rapidly deployable standards-based 4G LTE base station complete with a virtual machine server that together provide high-speed voice, video and data communications, along with mission-critical, localized applications and services, in a scalable, man-portable package.

VoyagerCell Duo’s design guarantees service availability and independence from backhaul for fully self-contained operation while at the same time offering multiple eNodeB, Wi-Fi, vehicle and manpack options for increased flexibility.

VoyagerCell Duo is a complete LTE network-in-a-box solution in a backpack form factor setting new standards in the Public Safety and First Responder, Military, Oil and Gas, and Mining markets.

VoyagerCell Duo has the added benefit of interoperability with the mature Voyager baseband product line that offers route, switch, compute, storage and LMR capability for a cost-effective, complete tactical networking solution that simplifies deployments.

Voyager Cell Duo Key Features:

  • 2 x 5W eNodeb with:
    • 32/100 bearer variants
    • B14 for US Public Safety
    • B28 for Euro Public Safety
  • Built-in x86 compute server with Intel® 8-Core C3708 processor, 32 GB RAM running KlasOS Keel
  • Voyager Ignition Key (VIK+) NVMe based storage with 512 GB capacity for rapid system configuration and reconfiguration by a minimally trained operator
  • Single button operation with LCD screen for operator feedback
  • Optional built-in 3G/LTE modem allows backhaul to MNO network or Wi-Fi modem for connection to 802.11 access point
  • Optional Wi-Fi access point functionality to support 802.11 clients locally, supporting EAP-SIM authentication
  • MIL-STD-1275D transient protection to allow for direct connection to vehicles
  • Base system can be mounted and powered from two Voyager 8 backplane connectors while occupying a total of three Voyager 8 slots in total
  • Handles and battery box or DC input can be attached for manpack operation
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