BlueSleuth-Lite Bluetooth Tag Detector

BlueSleuth-Lite Bluetooth Tag Detector

BlueSleuth-Lite BLE Tag Detector is a palm-sized BLE tracker and device detector that can scan all day from inside your pocket. It immediately detects and identifies Apple AirTags, Samsung Galaxy Smart Tags, Tile Trackers, Eufy SmartTracks and other popular brands used to stalk and track people. BlueSleuth-Lite can also detect nearby BLE devices including wireless earbuds, wearables, smartphones, tablets and more. Don’t be fooled by other devices claiming to easily detect BLE tags. Wideband receivers like those do not contain our proprietary algorithm that immediately identifies specific BLE tags through their advertising packets allowing location of hidden tags through realtime signal strength measurements. BlueSleuth-Lite is ideal for anyone’s personal security and any security pro including bodyguards, law enforcement and executive protection experts.

“…compared to other Bluetooth detection technology it is the best bang for the buck…”

Murray Associates, Counterespionage Consultants

BlueSleuth-Lite Benefits Overview:

  • Immediately identifies and alerts for hidden BLE tags
  • Identify BLE tags and devices by manufacturer
  • All-day BLE tag detection in your pocket
  • Charges wirelessly using Qi standard and included charging pad

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