RFID for Railway / Metro operators

TagMaster is the world's leading provider of advanced RFID solutions for use in the rail transportation industry. The HD series range is specifically designed and developed to meet the most demanding RFID applications in railways, from train to high speed transportation systems.

On-board Solutions

Typical applications, like CBTC, include determining the train’s position on the track. The reader’s accurate positioning capability is used for precise calibration of the automatic train control systems, enabling high throughput and accurate stop locations. Other on-board applications include selective door opening, PSD ”Platform Screen Door”, wheelchair ramp control, automatic radio channel switching and automatic power switching in neutral zone passage and charging. Safety levels up to SIL4 can be supported.

  • Reliability and availability
  • Accuracy in vehicle-stopping
  • Real-time processing
  • Safety

Condition Monitoring

TagMaster RFID Reader are integrated with track-mounted axle counters, weight measurements or condition monitoring systems for detection of wheel flats, brake failure, hot boxes, noise levels, tyre pressure etc – ensuring data is matched to the passing train.

  • High passage speed (up to 400 km/h)
  • System reliability
  • Long read distances (1 to 6 meters)
  • Resilience in demanding environments