WIRELESS TEST for LTE, 4G, Tetra, GSMR, 3G, Wimax...

Giant Tortoise™

Tortoise™ is a portable, rugged, high-power transmitter system comprised of dual, independent modules giving the user freedom to transmit on any 2 unique frequency bands simultaneously without the need for expensive and bulky additional transmitters. Tortoise features two dynamically controlled Class AB amplifiers for the cleanest signal output and VSWR protection.

  • Up to 25 watt power output for cellular 3G/4G/5G (non-mm wave frequencies) build-outs
  • Lightweight (under 20 lbs.) compared to competition
  • Supports LTE, CBRS, WiMAX, CDMA, UMTS bands

YellowFin-LTE™ 4G

YellowFin-LTE™ 4G analyzer is the world’s first truly portable calibrated, demodulating LTE test receiver. This handheld unit utilizes a tablet PC as an interface in conjunction with Berkeley’s precision receiver technology for complete spectrum analysis as well as LTE physical layer demodulation. The receiver sweeps the 700 MHz to 2.2 GHz or 2.0 GHz to 5.9 GHz spectrums (choose model) to within +1.5 dB accuracy measuring both primary & secondary synchronization signals for RSSI, Signal Quality/CINR and Multipath.

YellowFrog 2

YellowFrog 2 RMS & CW Power Meter is Berkeley’s latest handheld power meter for RMS & CW frequencies ranging from 150 MHz to 2.7 GHz with a resolution of ± 0.1 dB. This power meter connects directly to Gator™, Tortoise™, Dragon™ or any transmitter with a standard type “N” connector for instant verification of wired power levels in dBm or Watts.

Yellow Frog 2™ operates continuously for over 8 hours using an internal Lithium Polymer battery. A discharged battery can be fully charged in less than 3 hours using a built-in fast charger and external 12 VDC power supply. The portable instrument weighs less than 13 ounces and features internal battery system, LCD display and USB port which also provides power when connected to any PC. While Yellow Frog 2™ includes PC controller/monitoring software for setting frequencies and recording power out, it does not require a PC to operate.


  • Real-world power measurements + 0.1 dB anytime, anywhere
  • Large LCD display in user selectable Watts or dBm
  • USB port provides power, PC control and power level monitoring
  • Internal Li-Pol battery power runs YellowFrog 2 continuously for over a full 8 hour day
  • Standard type “N” IN / OUT connection supports a variety of transmitters including BVS’ Gator™ & Dragon™
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
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